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James from Toronto

 Removal of Existing Roof and Re-framing of Addition + New Roof

Save on Contracting took on a difficult and complex framing project when I couldn’t find any other company to take on the work. It involved removing the existing roof of a large side-split, framing the extension, and then putting on a new handcut cathedral ceiling with a massive ridge beam (36ft long) and three steel posts. The project was technically complex and took longer than anyone estimated. Noor worked with me to make it happen and was very reasonable when it came to change requests (which were for items outside of the original scope/contract). The end result was well worth it! The quality of construction is outstanding and they really did a great job.

Noor threw in a couple of items and overall held to the original price quoted. The overall project timeline took much longer than the original quote – but not from a lack of trying. Guys were there almost everyday and you could see the progress everyday.

  • Overall Rating: 5.0
  • Quality of work: 5.0
  • Timeliness: 3.0
  • Cleanliness: 4.0
  • Stayed on Budget: 5.0
  • Communication: 5.0
  • Courteous: 5.0

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