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From renovations to new home construction framing is an essential part of the project.

With so many framing contractors to choose from in the greater Toronto area, it is NOT only important to choose a contractor that understands the local building codes and meets the current safety standards but who can also follow the following procedures while framing of the house is being carried out.

  1. That dimensions of the rooms and walls are exactly the way it should be as per the approved plans
  2. Check regularly every wall and sub-floor to be 100% level. If not the crooked lines will show up in finishing specially when tiling the washroom walls
  3. Make sure all floor plywood are glued and screwed otherwise you will end up with squeaky floors after your house is completed. With less than $200 in investment on glues and screws you avoid thousands of dollars of repair cost to the fix the squeaky floors later.
  4. Proper window openings for installation of windows
  5. Proper installation of trusses

Save On Contracting prides its self on following the above strict rules and using only skilled experienced professional, meeting all building codes and its knowable staff to provide quality workmanship to every project.

Save On Contracting Specializes In:

  • Residential Framing contracting
  • Commercial Steel Stud framing contracting
  • Commercial and residential renovations framing

Save on contracting has completed many framing projects in GTA area. You can View below for examples of our on-going or completed  projects.

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