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Foundation Contractors

Why use an experienced General contractor?

Foundation of your house is one of the most important part of your house. Save On Contracting has the experience and the know how to see every project from start to end. It does not matter how much you spend on the house to make it look good but it means nothing if your house foundation is not built strong and waterproof.

During the construction of a new foundation an experienced will make sure to follow the following important rules:

  1. That the layout of the footing are exactly as shown on the survey of city approve architectural plans
  2. That the footings have sufficient steel reinforcements and that these reinforcements are properly spaced and connected together. Please note some architects do not find it necessary to include steel reinforcements in the footings but we always make sure to install them at our own cost. Steel reinforcements protects the footings from major cracks. Major cracks in footing causes the foundation walls to settle unevenly thus causing major cracks in drywall and exterior brick or stucco.
  3. Install sufficient steel reinforcement dowels in the footing. These dowels will help the footings to connect to the foundation walls. By connecting the footings to the foundation walls you will help the foundation withstand the pressure of backfilling after completion of the foundation walls.
  4. Install sufficient steel reinforcements throughout the poured concrete or block foundation walls.
  5. Using commercial vibrators to shake the concrete while pouring the concrete so that concrete reaches every corner of the forms evenly. This will prevent honey coombs in the new foundation. Honey coombs are the major causes of water leaks in the basement in the future specially if the water proofing is not carried out properly.
  6. After building of foundations wall the next most important task is how well one water proofs the newly built foundations walls. We always carry a Triple protection water proofing system for the foundations we build . First we apply tar to every form tie locations, second we apply a thick coat of foundation coating, third we wrap the foundation with thick plastic that is specially made for the foundations.

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